Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane


Get Professional Commercial Solar Installation in Brisbane

Surge It Solar and Electrical is your number one choice when looking for professional commercial solar installation in Brisbane. We understand that your energy bill is among the things that eat away at your profits. Fortunately, we have the products you need to make this a thing of the past. You can save money by using solar to generate your power. We are a small familyowned business with over ten years in the industry. Our team is committed to helping you make the most out of solar. We are based in Brisbane but also serve the surrounding areas.

Our team can work with you to design a solar solution to reduce or eliminate your energy bills. We have the experience to create customised solar solutions, and you can rest assured that we will help you with your solar needs. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane
Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane

What to Consider During Commercial Solar Installation in Brisbane

By calling our team for a commercial solar installation in Brisbane, you can rest assured that you are getting industry professionals to do the work. We will install a safe, high-quality solar system to serve you for many years. Here are some things to consider before installing a commercial solar system.

 1. Size

More extensive solar power systems can cost less money per watt than smaller ones due to the economy of scale.

2. Production

Installing the system correctly will ensure you make the most of your solar power system. However, the overall output depends on the location of the installation.

3. Operation and Maintenance

Solar has low operation and maintenance costs. The expenses include periodic system cleaning, visual examination, and repair.

4. Installation Complexity

Complex installation includes ground-mounted systems, building coordinated custom establishments, and working around deterrents like funnels. These factors may increase the installation costs.

Our team is experienced and ready to complete your solar project regardless of how complex or simple it looks.

Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane
Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane

Reliable Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane

Our commercial solar installation in Brisbane is a sure way to improve your business’s sustainability and profitability. Commercial solar panels have become popular, especially since they are no longer expensive investments. The increasing electricity prices have also made solar installation a viable investment. The government is also offering rebates for installing solar, encouraging more business owners to switch to solar. The financial viability of the system depends on your situation. However, most people see a Return on Investment after three to five years.

Our team will help you understand what savings to expect when investing in solar panels. If you have plenty of room for solar panels, you can sell any extra power back to the grid. This will create another revenue stream for your business. We are passionate about helping you join the green revolution and switch to solar energy.

This is the right time to call our team for a commercial solar installation in Brisbane. We promise to install a system that will stand the test of time.