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Rheem RL32 – Solar Hot Water System

$4995 installed – Govt Rebates available

If your home is in a temperate or tropical location, such as most of Queensland, which is not subject to frost then the this system is ideal for your home.

These systems operate on the natural thermosiphon principle, i.e. when water is heated in rises.

The RL Series system directly heats the water as it passes through the collectors and then automatically circulates it back into the storage tank. This process continues whilst the sun is shining, giving you and your family ample water.

The outer casing of every Rheem tank is constructed from weatherproof COLORBOND stainless steel which acts as a natural barrier to corrosion.

Rheem offer a choice of seven contemporary COLORBOND steel colours with their modern design roof mounted range.

This colour choice allows you to choose a system which will compliment your roof and blend with your home’s aesthetics, at no extra cost.

Available in White, Silver, Grey, Black, Green, Blue and Red.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a small family owned business dedicated to giving our customers the very best service and quality without the hefty price tag of larger companies.
  • We back our workmanship with our very own 10 year SURGE IT guarantee.
  • We have carefully selected and tailor made our systems that we offer from years of vast installation experience.
  • We can tailor make a system to your specifications, and have availability to just about any quality inverter or panel you may specify.
  • We don’t just do solar, we can help you out with air conditioning, electrical work for commercial, industrial, domestic and data work.