Solar Power System Specials

Take a look at our most popular solar packages below; “Hyundai”, “HIlux” and the “Landcruiser Sahara”.

Check out great specials below. All packages below include a Free Fronius Smart Meter (consumption Monitoring). All prices include installation and commissioning. All prices include GST.



Our starter package like a Hyundai, goes from
A-B and gets the job done for 10 Years at least.
✔️Fronius Gen 24 5.0 Inverter
✔️15x Jinko 440 N Type Panels
✔️Fully installed and commissioned

$5,900.00 with Sungrow Inverter


Like a Toyota Hilux , our intermediate package will outlasts most.
✔️Fronius Gen24 Hybrid inverter
✔️16x REC 410TP5  Black frame panels with 25 year warranty
✔️Fully installed and commissioned

$6,700.00 with Sungrow Inverter


“Landcruiser Sahara”
Its Like a Landcruiser Sahara, has the Hilux’s reliability, but a bit more oomph.
✔️Fronius Gen24 5.0 Hybrid Inverter
✔️16x REC Alpha Pure RX Panels with 25 year warranty
✔️Fully installed and commissioned

Entry Level Solar Power System

This system suits families or individuals on a budget, and after a good value for money system, who may not plan on staying in the property longer then 8-10 years (warranty period).


✔️Sungrow SG5.0RS Inverter with 10 year warranty and wifi monitoring
✔️15x Jinko 440W N Type panels with 25 Year Warranty
✔️Clenergy rail and Mounting
✔️Fully installed and Commissioned

Or Upgrade to REC Panels to gain a full 25 year Product Warranty for $6,400.00 Inc GST

Let our team help you design and install quality solar panels in your Redcliffe home or business. Call us today.