Solar Brisbane Northside

Your Solar Professionals in Northside Brisbane

Are you looking for a solar expert in Northside Brisbane? You have come to the right place. Surge It Solar & Electrical is a family-owned and locally-operated solar company based in Brisbane. We offer quality solar installation and repair services to Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Our team has been in the industry for ten years and understands everything about solar. We know solar is a significant investment, and you need professionals working on your site. For this reason, we only employ qualified and experienced tradespeople.

We work with reputable brands like LG and Hyundai to ensure you get quality and durable products. You can rely on our solar experts for a system that will suit your home or business. Our team will visit your property, assess your power consumption, and recommend the ideal solar system. Do not hesitate to call us to start your journey to renewable energy.

Solar Brisbane Northside
Solar Brisbane Northside

Benefits of Solar Installation in Northside Brisbane

Some people in Northside Brisbane fail to realise the importance of installing solar technology. Solar has become the trend in renewable energy, and many Australians have moved to this renewable energy. Besides the obvious financial benefits, solar has other advantages, including;

  • Environmentally Beneficial

Solar is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. There is nothing about solar that pollutes the environment. So, it is safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Go Off-the-Grid

Solar energy boosts your electricity independence. Traditional electricity depends on fossil fuels like coal, which are limited resources. This means it is a volatile market, and energy prices alter anytime. Solar protects you from unpredictable increases in utility prices.

  • Use Underutilised Land

With the increasing need for solar energy, countries can use the vast unutilised land to install solar panels and generate power for everyone.

  • Improve Grid Security

Those who use solar are less likely to experience blackouts. You can install battery storage to have power at night or when the sun is not bright

Your Local Solar Expert in Northside Brisbane

Our solar installers in Northside Brisbane are equipped with world-class panels for residential and commercial use. We can advise you on the best location and system for your circumstance. We are a local company, so we will arrive at your property on time and work within your schedule. Working with a local company gives you the confidence that you can always contact us if something stops working. Solar requires minimum maintenance and can serve you for around 25 years. However, we recommend calling our experts for regular maintenance to ensure your system remains in optimum condition.

The world is going green, and it is time you join everyone else in saving the environment. Our team is ready to help you on this journey. Whether you know the system to purchase or are unsure where to start, we are the team to call for professional advice and services.

Solar Brisbane Northside

Feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your solar installation in Northside Brisbane.